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Thank you for visiting us at Canopy Innovations. Our journey to promoting language-concordant care began many years ago when I was still a person with limited English proficiency (LEP) and serving as my family’s interpreter. When accompanying my parents and grandparents to their healthcare visits, I witnessed up close the adverse impact that the language barrier had on patients and the frustration experienced by providers who were unable to deliver adequate care.

In contrast to the rapid advances in medicine, the language barrier has proven to be stubbornly resistant to change. The use of medical interpreters, as the default option for bridging the communication gap, has merely migrated from voice calls on dual-handsets to video calls on touchscreens and remains cost-prohibitive to deploy on a widespread scale. Very little innovation has emerged to alter the fundamentals of language access. The good news is, unlike other social determinants of health (SDoH) that are systemic in nature, the language barrier is largely an organizational and workflow deficit and can be remedied with a targeted approach.

At Canopy Innovations, we have made it our mission to eliminate the language barrier by empowering healthcare systems to invest in recognizing and supporting their bilingual staff, build capacity for deploying reusable multilingual content, and capture reimbursement for language services from payers. At 26 million, the size of the LEP population is roughly equal to the number of patients suffering from diabetes. Eliminating the language barrier would be the equivalent of eradicating a major chronic disease in terms of societal impact.

We invite you to join us in this quest and let us know how we can support you in making healthcare more accessible for language-minority communities. Your recommendations will be much appreciated, please feel free to reach me at

Bill Tan – Founder

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Canopy Innovations, Inc is a digital health technology company that is transforming the way our healthcare system communicates with underserved patients with limited English proficiency(LEP). The existing language barrier undermines the quality of care for over 27 million patients with LEP and creates enormous workflow and financial constraints to the health delivery organizations that serve them. With support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Canopy has developed a suite of products to tackle these challenges.


Eliminate the language barrier in healthcare by 2030, by transforming language access into an executive priority for advancing diversity and health equity.


As the central value proposition to our customers, we enable them to invest in their most valuable assets (multilingual staff) and sustainable resources (infrastructure and pre-translated, reusable content) and correspondingly diversify away from perishable expenditure such as billable interpreter minutes.

Meet the Executive Leadership Team

Bill Tan

Bill Tan


Bill’s work is inspired by his experience as a family interpreter and the many opportunities he has been able to access as a result of being multilingual.

Chris Pappas

Chris Pappas

Chief Revenue Officer

Chris joined in 2020 and is the senior executive in charge of the company’s direct and indirect sales efforts, strategic partnerships, and business development strategies.

Karina Loyo, Ph.D., MBA, CCDM

Karina Loyo, Ph.D., MBA, CCDM

VP of Research and Innovation

Dr. Loyo has a passion for research and innovation especially related to improving health. She is driven by asking the right questions to reach the root of the problem and then finding solutions that serve as a catalyst to transform health and quality of life.

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