Empower Your Providers to Provide The Best Care and Communication

Empowering healthcare organizations to eliminate the language barrier, by delivering innovative solutions that go beyond the use of interpreters.

Staff Training Solutions

Medical Spanish and Medical English language training resources tailored for healthcare students, clinicians, and administrators

Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Meet federal and state regulatory requirements, CMS policy guidance, and industry compliance standards

Resource Optimization

Dashboard and reporting to optimize the deployment of multilingual resources, including reusable multilingual content, bilingual staff and contract interpreters

Why Hospitals & Health Systems Choose Canopy

Provider Centric Tools & Resources

Canopy has created multiple innovative solutions to tackle the language barrier in healthcare. Canopy offers turnkey solutions for hospitals and health systems to provide breakthrough tools and industry-learning education materials for their medical staff to improve communication with the LEP patient population

Regulatory Compliance & Staff Training

Canopy provides solutions to enable Language Access Coordinators to optimize resources and provide patients with a seamless communicative care

Cost & Resources Optimization

Canopy provides solutions that enable providers to quickly access the most optimal language access resources and ensure the language barrier does not have an inverse impact on LEP patient encounter cost or patient experience



CanopyLearn also has a comprehensive administrative dashboard for all levels of hospital administrators to monitor the learning progress and visualize the learning achievements individually and hospital-wise.

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Designed to deliver the highest level of service and satisfaction to the LEP patient population, Canopy Credential is the complete solution that encompasses e-learning all the way to nationally accepted medical bilingual accreditation. With ACA regulations top-of-mind for administrators, Canopy goes the extra mile to ensure that every requirement of section 1557 is fulfilled.

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Canopy tailors custom solutions and quotes for various sizes of healthcare organizations, including clinics, hospitals, large health systems, staffing companies, healthcare associations, etc.