Canopy Toolkit

for Bilingual Healthcare Communication

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Canopy is here to help make sure your staff have the foreign-language skills to communicate effectively with patients. The Canopy Toolkit is a detailed 29-page guide to support your organization’s multilingual learning and assessment efforts. It has been developed based on best practices in language learning science and dozens of in-depth interviews with healthcare administrators, clinicians, and educators. In it you’ll find resources such as:

Canopy’s Inventory of Essential Skills for Bilingual Healthcare Communication

Canopy’s Pedagogy: Authentic Context Tutoring (ACT)

CanopyLearn Curriculum

Canopy’s Scale for Bilingual Proficiency in Healthcare Communication

CanopyCredential Self-Assessment and Scorecard

Alignment of Canopy Scale with other Proficiency Scales

Canopy’s Can-Do Statements for Bilingual Healthcare Communication

Canopy’s Guide for Determining the Qualified Bilingual Staff (QBS) Credential at Your Facility

What's in the toolkit?

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