Canopy covers your health system’s unique language access needs

beyond interpreters

26 million people in the United States have limited English proficiency (LEP) and the number is growing. Not only are mobile and in-person interpreter services not sufficient to cover the language access needs of health systems, but a lack of innovation has left many feeling compelled to throw limited language access dollars into more interpreter minutes.

Canopy's vision

Spend less, invest and innovate more

Empowered by research and development supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Canopy is reimagining the language access problem and delivering proven solutions.

Rather than treating language access as a sunk cost-center, Canopy believes that the investment in our innovative technological solutions and professional development for your team will result in long-term, sustainable, solutions that meet the unique challenges of your health system.

Introducing Canopy360 for Hospitals and Health Systems

A single, fully-integrated platform to cover all of your health system’s language access needs. 

Our team's research has found that the language barrier in healthcare is driven by eight core determinants. Canopy360 solves all of them with each product to the right.

Professional Development Bundle

For health systems and hospitals to get your team compliant with federal language access regulations and get your staff trained and certified in medical Spanish.



Bringing regulatory awareness to your staff in a simple, easy to understand format.

CanopyCompliance is a one-hour, online professional development course that transforms abstract compliance laws into easy-to-understand lessons. It employs a scenario-based teaching method that mimics real-life encounters with patients with limited English proficiency (LEP) and their family members. Administrators can add a customized module or institution-specific resources into the curriculum, to keep staff aware of both internal and external compliance requirements.

How it works
The Framework for Supporting Informed Decision-making

Guidance for real-world patient scenarios

Federal and State mandates, Policy Guidance, Executive Orders, and Industry Regulations

Employer's Internal Policies and Operating Procedures

At the end of the course, participants complete a Personal Action Plan that translates their newly acquired understanding of the law into actionable steps towards reducing language barriers in the workplace. Canopy’s suite of resources provides them with ongoing support to achieve the goals set in their plans.



Empower your staff to demonstrate their bilingual skills and provide a roadmap for your team to improve

CanopyCredential is the only scenario-based medical proficiency assessment that was specifically designed to align with ACA Section 1557. Employing a simulated oral proficiency interview (SOPI) approach and developed by a team of linguists and psychometricians, CanopyCredential enables clinicians to demonstrate that they can effectively, accurately, and impartially communicate in a non-English language through spoken language skills and in real-life patient scenarios.

Scaling the Proficiency Ladder

CanopyCredential provides meaningful feedback for exam-takers, giving them the scaffolding to climb the proficiency scale for continuous improvement. Even if someone has not achieved qualified bilingual staff (QBS) status, the CanopyCredential Scorecard offers a nuanced breakdown of their proficiency in the form of ‘can do’ statements so that they are mindful of their strengths and limitations when interacting with patients with limited English proficiency.



The #1 online medical Spanish course in the US that prepares your team for patient-clinician interactions

CanopyLearn is the #1 medical Spanish course in the US. With over 45 hours of instructional content spread over three target proficiency levels and 36 lessons, it is the most comprehensive self-paced e-learning platform of its kind. The engaging and bite-sized modules are crafted specifically for clinicians and staff and employ a proven learning-by-speaking methodology. With role-play exercises, a telenovela series, and more, users experience multiple learning modalities that makes acquiring language fluency more engaging, effective and rewarding.

  • #1 Medical Spanish Training in U.S.

  • Authentic Contextual Examples, including a Telenovela series

  • Spoken role-play exercises mimicking realistic patient-provider dialogs

  • Administrative Dashboard to support learner success

  • Certificate of Completion

  • 45 CE units for a variety of healthcare roles

Same more time, give better care

The cultural competency components of the course can supplement an institution’s cultural sensitivity training, offering more options to staff and saving time and money with one turnkey platform.



Learn, practice, and apply your medical language skills in real patient-clinician scenarios

CanopySpeak is a mobile Clinical Communication Support Tool that takes a 2-in-1 approach to empower providers to deliver compassionate, timely, and specialized care for the most vulnerable patients (when they need it most).

The CanopySpeak iOS app offers a Clinical Mode to support routine communication where involving an interpreter may not be practical, and a Provider Learning Mode to help clinical and non-clinical staff advance towards becoming fluent in speaking the phrases that they frequently use.

Provider Learning Mode

Master new phrases through interactive exercises

5,000 medical phrases in Spanish and Mandarin

Speaking exercises with over 200 patient interaction scenarios

Create and tag playlists according to Canopy’s Essential Skills for Bilingual Healthcare Communication

Clinical Mode

Searchable library of 5,000 medical phrases

Real-time reference with audio and text for each phrase

Customizable playlists of phrases for specific procedures

Specialties include Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics, and more

Clinical Optimization Bundle

For health systems and hospitals to identify and solve for all language access gaps, improve system workflows, and save your organization a ton of time and money (while improving patient outcomes and satisfaction).



Deploy your language access resources in the quickest and fastest way possible in one simple system.

As a cloud-based workflow automation tool, CanopyConnect enables Language Service Managers to effectively organize and deploy their facility’s medical interpretation resources. Managers can predefine call routing priorities on a web-based control panel and bilingual staff can keep their availability up-to-date using the CanopyConnect mobile app. When calls for interpreters are initiated, the CanopyConnect system automatically checks the preset routing parameters and staff availability status, and directs the calls to the most appropriate qualified bilingual staff (QBS) or interpreter resource available so that patient support is delivered in a more timely and labor-efficient manner.

Workflow Optimization Empowered by CanopyConnect

Hospital pre-set call routing priorities


Volunteers & Bilingual Staff

In-house Interpreters

OPI Vendors

Monitoring Success

With CanopyConnect’s analytics dashboard, administrators can track the deployment of interpreter services in order to gain a comprehensive view of demand patterns and make informed staffing decisions.

With resources such as CanopyLearn and CanopyCredential, you may have already invested in trained and certified Qualified Bilingual Staff. Now it’s time to deploy and protect this highly valuable resource in an efficient and appropriate manner.



Get up-to-date, accurate, pre-translated medical documents in any language.

CanopyTranslate is the first solution of its kind to produce high-volume, quality-assured medical translations. It crowd-sources multilingual healthcare professionals from around the world to contribute to an ongoing process of translating essential documents and patient records in hundreds of languages. The online system also functions as a searchable repository for pre-translated educational brochures, fillable forms, and explainer videos that your practice can white-label and distribute to your patients.

100x More Content in 10x More Languages

Leveraging our CanopyLearn course for Medical English, we train hundreds of multilingual healthcare professionals from around the world to review machine-generated translations and edit them to achieve full accuracy in their native tongue, so that quality-assured content can be made available in hundreds of languages expeditiously and at a affordable cost.



Give patients pre-translated medical documents, information, and more in an easy to use patient-facing mobile app.

CanopyNavigator is a patient-centered mobile app that puts the patient and family members in the driver’s seat, so that they can proactively access in-language content, answer commonly encountered questions, and become empowered participants in their own healthcare journey.



Optimize your data tracking workflows and take better advantage of reimbursement programs for your language access investments.

Leveraging the encounter-specific data that is continuously captured by the CanopyConnect workflow engine, CanopyReimburse enables hospitals to track and analyze medical interpretation expenses with a turnkey dashboard. When supplied to revenue cycle management (RCM), the data can be utilized to optimize reimbursement and turn language access services from a cost center into a revenue-generating operation.

Connect and Prosper
Link CanopyConnect and CanopyReimburse together to supercharge your budgetary planning process and reimbursement optimization strategy. Using the ROI calculator provided on the CanopyReimburse dashboard, you can see the financial impact from various scenarios of language access utilization and the corresponding reimbursement potential at every level of practice.

Want to see how Canopy360 can cover your language access needs?