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The #1 online medical Spanish course in the US that prepares you for patient interactions

CanopyLearn is the #1 medical Spanish course in the US. With over 40 hours of instructional content spread over three target proficiency levels and 36 lessons, it is the most comprehensive self-paced e-learning platform of its kind. The engaging and bite-sized modules are crafted specifically for clinicians and staff and employ a proven learning-by-speaking methodology. With role-play exercises, a telenovela series, and more, users experience multiple learning modalities that makes acquiring language fluency more engaging, effective and rewarding.

#1 Medical Spanish Training in U.S.

Authentic Contextual Examples, Including a Telenovela Series

Spoken Role Play Exercises Mimicking Realistic Patient-Provider Dialogs

Administrative Dashboard to Support Learner Success

Certificate of Completion

45 CE Units for a Variety of Healthcare Roles

Empower yourself by demonstrating your language skills so that you can advocate for yourself and your patients as a bilingual provider

CanopyCredential is the only scenario-based medical proficiency assessment that was specifically designed to align with ACA Section 1557. Employing a simulated oral proficiency interview (SOPI) approach and developed by a team of linguists and psychometricians, CanopyCredential enables clinicians to demonstrate that they can effectively, accurately, and impartially communicate in a non-English language through spoken language skills and in real-life patient scenarios.

Scaling the Proficiency Ladder

CanopyCredential provides meaningful feedback for exam-takers, giving them the scaffolding to climb the proficiency scale for continuous improvement. Even if someone has not achieved qualified bilingual staff (QBS) status, the CanopyCredential Scorecard offers a nuanced breakdown of your proficiency in the form of ‘can do’ statements so that you are mindful of your strengths and limitations when interacting with patients with limited English proficiency.

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