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All so that you can grow, manage, and deploy your own multilingual workforce in a lasting and sustainable way with maximum impact.

Canopy is different

Canopy is different because we’re a team of healthcare workers and educators working to end the language barrier in healthcare with innovative, evidence-based solutions to support patients, clinicians, and health systems.

Canopy takes a unique approach by challenging healthcare organizations to turn limited language access dollars into investments in the professional development of their workforce.

With support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), we’ve developed a full 360 language access solution that is transforming language access into an investment in your team and infrastructure.

Innovation with proven results

Part of our comprehensive 360 solution to language access involves conducting, understanding, and interpreting cutting edge research into new viable products to fit the unique needs of varying health systems and individuals.

Some of our innovations include the development of a unique pedagogical framework that employs a learning-by-speaking approach to prepare healthcare workers for real life patient-clinician scenarios and the invention of the only scenario-based medical language proficiency assessment that simulates actual patient-clinician interactions to identify Qualified Bilingual Staff (QBS).

Click here to download the Canopy Toolkit including the Canopy Scale for Bilingual Proficiency in Healthcare Communication, developed by adapting the internationally recognized Common European Framework for Reference (CEFR) to the medical context

Because of a lack of suitable alternatives, we created our own proprietary Learning Management System (LMS). Built specifically for audio playback and role-play exercises, the CanopyLearn LMS simulates authentic conversations with patients like no other language learning platform.

In ⅓ of Medical schools

Over 175k users

NIH awarded research and development

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Case Study

One four-month study with Mt Sinai and Columbia University (2018) demonstrated the effectiveness of Canopy’s unique approach, where users’ medical Spanish capabilities improved by an estimated 132% after completing just 1 of 3 levels of CanopyLearn Medical Spanish, especially in the areas of listening and reading comprehension, medical terminology, cultural competency, and pronunciation.

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Our Clients and Partners

The success of our programs is highlighted by our presence in over ⅓ of medical schools in the US and our past and current partnerships with high-powered health systems, medical and nursing schools, and other health organizations.

"Canopy is the best course I’ve ever taken! Better even than a university course because it’s truly medical Spanish!"

Priscilla Lee

Physician's Assistant

"Canopy allows me to communicate with my diverse patient population efficiently and effectively right off my phone!"

Dr. Desai

ER Physician

"Canopy provides language assistance at the tips of your fingers. The days of looking for the language phone are over."

Dr. Sonpal

Chief Medical President

"Canopy program has been central to the success of our medical Spanish curriculum in the Medical School!"

Dr. Lopez

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