Canopy Toolkit

for Bilingual Healthcare Communication


This Toolkit is for anyone who would like to optimize the deployment and usage of the Canopy360 suite of products, which are designed to improve the way our healthcare system communicates with LEP patients.

The Toolkit will be most beneficial for organizations and individuals who have already used or are planning to use Canopy’s products — for example, if you have completed or are planning to complete a CanopyLearn Medical Spanish or Medical English course, or if you have taken or are planning to take the CanopyCredential Medical Bilingual Proficiency Assessment.

Resources in this Toolkit:

  • Canopy’s Inventory of Essential Skills for Bilingual Healthcare Communication
  • Canopy’s Pedagogy: Authentic Context Tutoring (ACT)
  • CanopyLearn Curriculum
  • Canopy’s Scale for Bilingual Proficiency in Healthcare Communication
  • CanopyCredential Self-Assessment and Scorecard
  • Alignment of Canopy Scale with other Proficiency Scales
  • Canopy’s Can-Do Statements for Bilingual Healthcare Communication
  • Canopy’s Guide for Determining the Qualified Bilingual Staff (QBS) Credential at Your Facility


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